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Hanging Basket

We offer a large variety of both pre-made and custom hanging baskets for both residential and commercial clients. From vibrant colors to greenery, our custom basket arrangements can’t be beaten and are used in many businesses and homes. If you have something in mind you would like designed and made into a custom basket, please contact us for ordering and pricing.

Bender Board

Bender Board is plastic lumber that is manufactured from 100% recycled polyethylene plastic recovered from blue box collection and other sources as needed.

The result is a strong but pliable product that will contour evenly and consistently and is ideal for projects that do not require structural strength.

Bender Board landscape edging is available in three widths and comes in lengths of twenty feet. Widths available are
1 X 4, 2 X 4 and a rough size of 1 X 6. Plastic landscape stakes are available in lengths of 12” and 18” lengths



Created from a mixture of fish and forest fines. This top-quality product is rich in colour and in nutrients while maintaining a neutral pH. SEA SOIL™ contains all necessary micro and macro nutrients to grow a healthy garden, is weed-free, and is an excellent way to retain moisture. SEA SOIL™ is listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI). With no fish odour, this two year composted soil is a complete soil for your garden.

Bulb Display

West Coast Seeds and 2016 Catalogue available now, as well as Seed Potatoes, Onion Sets, Horseradish, Bare Root Asparagus, Strawberries and Rhubarb.

Also, check out our spring flowering bulbs in bud and bloom and our pansies and veggie starts in the greenhouse



Garden Soils